Recover Lost Files From Memory Card:

The memory card is a flash data storage devices, commonly used to store and transfer data to digital electronic devices such as PC, digital camera, PDA, and hard drives. It is small in size, convenient to take, and easy to use portable storage device that stores files in an erasable, re-writable circuitry rather than on streaming tape or spinning disks. Memory card uses FAT file system to organize files, hence they are also compatible with most of the Operating System. Memory cards are commonly used to transfer files from one device to another.

The memory card can be connected to the computer or other devices via USB port.  You can easily add, delete or copy the files from memory card to other drives or devices, all you need is just to drag and drop those files to a particular location on the hard drive’s icon. Memory cards can easily get corrupted as they are used to transfer data among different devices or computers running on different platforms. But they are less prone to mechanical failures as compared to logical failures. However, there is no need to worry because you can recover memory card using Mac file recovery software. Using this tool you can get back deleted or lost pictures, music files, videos, etc from the card. You can check here how to bring back deleted videos on Mac using this software.

Common data loss situations from Memory Card are as follows:

  • Abrupt removal of Memory Card: If you do not remove the memory card properly i.e. without following any safety measures, then you may lose files stored on it.
  • File system corruption: If the file system of your memory card gets corrupted then the files stored on it becomes inaccessible, because information of each file is stored in the file system on the memory card.
  • Accidental deletion: You may delete your important file unintentionally by using Shift Delete option while deleting some redundant files, thereby causing loss of important files.
  •  Improper System Shutdown: Interruption during data transfer due to accidental or abrupt shutdown of the system may result in a loss of files.
  • Improper handling: Your memory card can become inaccessible if you insert and remove it improperly in your PC or other devices.
  • Formatted memory card: While using your memory card with computer or digital cameras, if you accidentally format your memory card after reading the error message such as:"The drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now" you will end up with data loss.

In order to avoid loss of files from your memory card, you should always take an instant backup of your important files and should never remove the memory card abruptly from any device even if you are not performing any action on the files present on the memory card. When you delete or lose a file from the memory card, only its entry is cleared from the allocation table and when you format a memory card, a new file system is created. However, in both cases the data is still present in the memory card until it is overwritten with a new file. But you can’t recover those lost files yourself and need to take the help of a third party utility. So, the best method is to recover lost files from memory card using Recovery software. In case of data loss from external hard drives on can Refer Here to extract more information.

Memory Card Recovery softwareis a comprehensive tool for data recovery from memory cards. Memory card Recovery software lets you recover lost files from memory card. It can recover deleted/lost media files from various types of memory cards including CF cards, SD cards, Multimedia cards, Smart Media Cards etc. This Memory Card Recovery Software makes use of an advanced scanning technology for faster location and recovery of deleted & lost files. Using this software you can recover memory card pictures of various formats like jpeg, gif, tiff, cr2, nef and many others deleted from various types of memory cards.  Memory Card Recovery software makes Transcend SD card photo recovery easy and also lets you recover media files in different formats from memory cards of different makes like Kingston, SanDisk etc.This tool can also retrieve data from Sony memory stick Pro Duo which are lost after human errors such as accidental deletion of data or improper copy paste operation on Mac operating system. You will be able to recover memory card files after card not formatted error or other related error messages due to file system corruption, virus attacks, improper data operations, errors during file system conversion which makes memory card files inaccessible. This software not only help you in recovering dat from memory cards, it also allows you to restore files from external hard disks, USB drives and iPods. Download the Trial Version and evaluate your chances of recovering the lost data. Software can also be used to recover lost from files corrupted drives like pen drive, external drive, hard drive etc. Make use of corrupted drive recovery from the page to restore your files from damaged drives

Simple steps to recover files from memory card:

Step 1: Download and install Memory Card Recovery Software on your Mac computer and then connect your memory card to that computer to recover lost files. Once you launch the software, select “Recover Files” option from the main screen

Recover lost files from memory card - Main Screen

Step 2: Now, select “Recover Lost Files” option and then select memory card and click on “Next” option to proceed

Recover lost files from memory card- Mode of Recovery Screen

Step 3: After successfully recovering the files from memory card, view recovered files using “Preview” option.

Recover lost files from memory card - Preview Window

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